Selling Books Online: 4 Reasons Why Selling Directly on Your Website is Important

With the recent advancements in technology, it has become easier to buy books. Many people have switched from the conventional paperbacks and hardcovers to soft copies of their favorite books stored on their handheld devices. With the eBook market booming, there are plenty of online eBooks business opportunities available for booksellers.

There are many third-party websites that allow you to sell eBooks. Some famous ones are Amazon, AbeBooks and Powell’s Books. But using these for selling your books is not always the best idea. It would be better if you sold your books on your own website without involving any intermediary.

The first reason behind this suggestion is, of course, the maximization of profits for you. Generally, intermediary stores will only give you 70 percent of the sales amount. They keep the rest for themselves as various service charges and commission. You must get the intermediaries out of the way. Thus, whenever you sell eBooks online, the entire amount for each sale will go into your own pocket. Every time you sell a book, you will not have to give a percentage of your hard-earned money to anyone else.

Secondly, online stores usually have their own pricing and shipping policies. You and your customers may not be satisfied with them. To sell eBooks online, you will have to break into the market with smart pricing strategies. You can also boost sales with special offers or bundles. These will encourage customers to buy larger quantities at a time. Shipping can be handled according to your need and ease. Nowadays, it is fairly easy to hire shipping companies which will go easy on your pockets as well as your customers’.

Online stores’ policies on royalty are also very unpredictable and unreliable. For example, in 2015, Amazon decided that it would start paying authors based on the number of pages that their customers read instead of the number of books they purchased. This resulted in a downward spiral in authors’ royalties per book.

Similarly, if you sell eBooks online on your own website, you can also reduce the chances of getting no royalty at all due to the evil that is piracy. Also, many famous online stores fall victim to cybercrime such as phishing scams. You can direct your customers to your own website. It would be safer and less likely to fall victim to such crimes. It will thus guarantee that you do not lose all the money that you deserve to earn from your eBook sales.

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