How to Sell Your Book Online – Amazon vs. Facebook and Other Paid Ads

The online marketplace has grown exponentially over the past few years. You can buy or sell everything online. There are countless online websites ready to offer you excellent shopping experiences. But in order to sell anything, a good marketing strategy is important. If you are looking for some great online eBooks business opportunities, here are a few options.


Amazon is currently one of the biggest online marketplaces with an extensive customer base. This is why it is extremely competitive. This means it could prove very difficult to score an advertisement for your book on Amazon. Not too long ago, advertisements were only given to a small category of authors. Now, though, they have extended this opportunity to the public. Once you put up your advertisement to sell eBooks, you will observe a noticeable increase in traffic towards your product.


Many people who have tried, and failed, at social media marketing take to their blogs to express their opinions. They claim that marketing on sites such as Facebook is not useful. Facebook is one of the most widely-used social media platforms in the world. How could you possibly fail to grab the attention of a fraction of the people on it every day? It is because of their latest policies about post reach. But this does not mean advertising on Facebook is completely useless. You just need to know a few tricks. If done right, Facebook may be the next best advertising option to sell eBooks after Amazon.

Advertising on Facebook is pay-per-click. Most users keep on scrolling continuously. This is the reason why you need to come up with a good ad that will catch the eye of the right people. Using certain filters, you can tell Facebook who you want your ad to be visible to. To sell eBooks online successfully, you must come up with attention-grabbing advertisements. They should force the potential customer to stop and click on your ad, whether out of interest or curiosity. You must remember that Facebook may not prove as effective as Amazon because the main intention of Facebook users is not to shop but to socialize. That is why it requires more effort and patience.

 Other Options

There are always other options available besides the two mentioned above. It depends on how much money you can invest in marketing. When you are looking to sell eBooks, you need to keep in mind what kind of people you are targeting. Narrow it down as much as possible. Also, creativity matters a lot. These factors will make your ads more effective.

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